Skinless chicken breast kabob marinated in our special sauce.

CHICKEN GYROS PLATE             $10.25

Ground chicken with exotic seasoning

VEGETERIAN PLATE                  $11.35

Greek Salad, Hummos, Tabouleh and Falafel

LAMB RACK PLATE                   $15.45

Racks of lamb marinated with our garlic sauce.

MOUSAKA PLATE                   $10.25

Traditional layered Greek dish with cooked eggplant,  

ground beef, and potatoes.

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SALMON PLATE                    $13.95

Salmon grilled to perfection served with salad,

rice & pita bread

 Plates are served with salad, rice, pita bread and tzatziki sauce.  

 Falafel and vegeterian plate are served with tahini sauce.

BEEF SOUVLAKI PLATE                  $10.65

Cubes of tender beef marinated in our special sauce.

GYROS PLATE                     $10.25

Combination of ground beef & ground lamb with

exotic seasoning

FALAFEL PLATE                    $10.25

Made with chickpeas flour, parsley and herbs.

FISH PLATE                         $11.75

Trouth fish grilled to perfection topped with grilled onions

LAMB SOUVLAKI PLATE               $12.45

Tender pieces of lamb marinated in our special sauce.

COMBINATION PLATE                 $16.75

chicken kabob , beef kabob, and gyro meat